How To Replace a Medical Marijuana Card in Iowa

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Can I Replace My Iowa Medical Marijuana Card?

Yes. According to Iowa Administrative Code 641-154, patients who have lost their medical cannabidiol registration cards are allowed to obtain replacement cards. An Iowa medical cannabidiol registration card may also need replacing if destroyed or stolen.

Do I Need to Report a Lost or Stolen Iowa Medical Marijuana Card?

Patients who have lost their medical cannabidiol registration cards or have had them stolen or destroyed are not mandated to report such to the Iowa medical cannabidiol program. However, patients who need a new card due to a change in current residential address, name, or sex designation listed on the current card must report such a change to the state program within 10 calendar days of the change.

How to Get a Replacement Medical Marijuana Card in Iowa

Per 641-154.8(124E) of the state’s Administrative Code, to replace a medical cannabidiol card, a cardholder must present to the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services their valid state-issued driver's license, non-operator's identification card, or alternative form of valid photo identification. For more information on submitting these requirements, contact the Iowa medical cannabidiol program by emailing or calling (515) 725-2076.

Cost of an Iowa Medical Marijuana Replacement Card

There is no stated fee for replacing an Iowa medical cannabidiol registration card. However, there is a $100 fee for a new medical cannabidiol registration card issued by the Department of Health and Human Services, except where the patient qualifies for a reduced fee.

How Long to Get a Replacement Iowa Medical Marijuana Card?

There are no explicit provisions for replacing medical cannabidiol cards in Iowa. However, if you requesting a new Iowa medical cannabidiol card, it will take between 2 and 4 weeks for the new card to arrive in the mail.

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